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Do you want your student to become a SUPER School JAG? Click the link below to apply today through Enroll Indy or contact their office at 317-426-3243


Windows for the 2022-23 Academic Year

Round 1:
Apply between October 29 – January 31; results will be emailed to families on February 24, 2022

Round 2:
Apply between February 1 – April 29; results will be emailed to families on May 19, 2022

Late Enrollment: 
If you are applying after June 1st contact Mrs. Crandall directly  at 317-226-4219 or by email:

Questions?  Contact Mrs. Crandall, 317-226-4219.

There are different ways you can enroll your student(s) to SUPER School 19 and we want you to choose the option that is most convenient for you!  Read below to fill out an application online, contact Enroll Indy, or enroll directly with Mrs. Crandall at SUPER school 19




Applying Online

1. To fill out an online application click the link below. 

2. Make sure you use a current email address and phone number.  This is how Enroll Indy will be contacting you whether your student received a seat at SUPER School 19.  

3. If your student is not a current IPS student you will have to fill out an online registration link that will be emailed to you directly after they have received a seat at SUPER School 19.   Please fill this registration form  out within 30 days of receiving your seat at SUPER school 19.

Online Application



Applying by Phone

1.  You may contact the Enroll Indy office directly to fill out the application at 317-226-4236

2.  Their office hours are Monday- Friday 8am-5pm

3.  The application over the phone takes approximately 5-8 minutes.  It is an easy process and the staff is very helpful.  

4.  You will need a current email and phone number, current address, name of student, and Date of Birth of your student(s).


Apply through Mrs. Crandall directly (SUPER School 19 Enrollment Specialist)

1.  From now until September 17th you may enroll by calling Mrs. Crandall directly at 317-418-9320.  

2.  You will need to provide your name, email address, home address, and phone number.  The student(s) name and Date of Birth.

3.  If your student does not currently go to an IPS School I will forward the mandatory IPS Registration link through both email and text.  

4. I am  happy to enroll your student(s) and wants to make the process as simple as possible for you.